Problem: I can’t seem to log into the repository using my user name and password.

Solution: Check the username and password you are using to log into the repository, they may have been incorrectly entered. If you have forgotten your password it cannot be currently retrieved. This will happen after CAREO gets access to the campus mail server. Your best solution is to create a new membership and record your user name and password in a safe location.


Problem: Do I need to be a CAREO member to log into the repository?

Solution: No, you can log into the system as a guest.


Problem: Is there any cost associated with membership?

Solution: No, membership is free and will allow you to use many features of the repository not available to guest log-ins.


Problem: I can’t seem to log into the repository as a guest.

Solution: There are two ways to enter the repository as a guest. You can simply click the “guest” link at the bottom of the log-in area or you can enter “guest” as your username and “guest” as your password. Both will allow you to enter the repository.


Michael Magee has prepared a guide to help users get started with the repository. You can also check the user guide.